ABHI – 45 + 55

ABA / AB Two LayerBlown Film Plant

Salient Features

  • Filler content can be loaded at a higher rate.

  • Typically, RP, semi-virgin, or non-prime grades or fillers are used in the middle layer.
  • Products that require cost-cutting
  • Different material can be used for different layers

  • Ideal for making carry bag, liners, packing bags, etc
  • Layer ratio : Inner – 15%, Middle – 70%, Outer – 15% but can be changed by varying the rpm of extruders

  • Fully customisable as per the requirement of the client
  • Multiple dies can be provided as per the requirement of the film
  • Rotating Die
  • Edge guide / Web aligner
  • Manual / Hydraulic screen changer
  • Two station heavy duty pneumatic winder
  • Pneumatic air slitters with centre slitter
  • Air shaft
  • Corona treater
  • Online warning printing flexo attachment
  • Online warning printing gravure attachment
  • Online pneumatic jumbo gravure printing attachment for 1+0 and 1+1
  • Hopper loader and dryer
  • Jumbo gusset or Full gusset

ABHI – 45 + 55 > Specifications

Screw Dia 45 + 55 mm
Screw Type Barrier / Maddokke with groove feed
Film Max Width 1000 – 1400 mm
Main Motor + Drive 15 + 20 hp
Take Up Motor + Drive 1 hp
Max Output 130 Kg/hr
Total Load 70 KW
Heating Zone 11
Gearbox: Helical
Gearbox Cooling Water Cooled
Stations Two station winder with Nip drive in winder
Heaters Ceramic
Barrel Blower 3
Main Blower 5 hp
Cooling ring Single lip / Dual lip / with Irish ring
Basket Basket for LD / Compostable and Irish ring for HM

ABHI – 45 + 55

Unleash superior versatility and efficiency with the ABHI – 45 + 55, a two-layer blown film plant designed for maximum performance.

Featuring 45mm and 55mm Barrier/Maddokke screws with groove feed, achieve exceptional melt quality and stability for a wide range of materials.

Produce up to 130 Kg/hr of film with outstanding width capabilities of 1000-1400mm, ideal for meeting your production demands.

11 heating zones and a single/dual lip cooling ring with Irish ring (optional) ensure optimal temperature control for diverse film types and thicknesses

Helical gearbox with water cooling guarantees smooth operation and extended lifespan.

Take advantage of the user-friendly two-station winder with Nip drive for efficient film handling and minimal waste.

Low total load of 70 KW minimizes operating costs and environmental impact.

  • Powerful motor combination: 15 hp + 20 hp main motor/drive and 1 hp take-up motor/drive.
  • Ceramic heaters for even heat distribution.
  • Three barrel blowers and 5 hp main blower for optimal bubble stability.
  • Basket for LD/compostable materials and Irish ring for HM materials (optional).

More than just a machine, the ABHI – 45 + 55 is a trusted partner for your film production success.

Contact us today to learn more and unlock your full potential!