Let’s take a moment to appreciate the ABA Blown Film Plant, a marvel of engineering designed to produce high-quality, two-layer plastic film. This discussion will explore its exceptional features, additional options, specifications, and real-world uses. This information will be invaluable for anyone considering an investment in blown film technology.

Salient Features of the ABA Blown Film Plant

  • Cost-Effective Production: The ABA design allows for the utilization of filler materials, typically recycled plastics (RP), semi-virgin, or non-prime grades, in the middle layer. This significantly reduces production costs while maintaining good quality in the outer layers.
  • Material Versatility: Process different plastic materials in each layer to achieve specific properties for your film. This enables the creation of cinema with tailored characteristics for various applications.
  • Ideal Applications: The ABA Blown Film Plant is perfect for manufacturing a wide range of products, including carry bags, liners, and packing bags.
  • Customizable Layer Ratio: Adjust the layer ratio to achieve the desired film properties. The standard configuration is 15% for the inner and outer layers and 70% for the middle layer. This ratio can be easily modified by varying the extruder speeds.
  • Complete Customization: We understand your business needs are unique. That’s why the ABA Blown Film Plant can be fully customized to your requirements, ensuring you get the perfect machine for your operation.
  • Multiple Die Options: Select from various dies to produce film in different shapes and sizes to meet your exact product specifications.

Optional Attachments and Changes to Enhance Functionality

  • Rotating Die: Improve film quality and production efficiency with an optional rotating die.
  • Edge Guide/Web Aligner: Ensure consistent film edges for a professional finish.
  • Screen Changers: Choose between manual or hydraulic screen changers to keep your production line running smoothly.
  • Heavy-Duty Winder: The two-station pneumatic winder ensures efficient and reliable film roll handling.
  • Air Slitters: Incorporate pneumatic air slitters with a center slitter for precise film width control.
  • Air Shaft: This is for more effortless loading and unloading of film rolls.
  • Corona Treater: Improve film adhesion for printing and laminating processes.
  • Online Printing Attachments: Integrate optional flexo, gravure, or jumbo gravure printing attachments to print logos or warning messages directly onto the film during production.
  • Hopper Loader and Dryer: Ensure consistent material feeding with an optional hopper loader and dryer.
  • Gusset Options: Choose from jumbo or complete gusset configurations to create a film with specific bottom shapes.

Specifications: A Closer Look

  • Screw Diameter: 55 mm + 65 mm (Barrier/Maddokke with grooved feed for optimal material mixing)
  • Maximum Film Width: 2000 mm – 2500 mm (accommodating a wide range of film sizes)
  • Main Motor and Drive: 25 hp + 40 hp (powerful combination for smooth operation)
  • Take-Up Motor and Drive: 2 hp (ensures efficient film handling)
  • Maximum Output: 200 Kg/hr (high production capacity)
  • Total Load: 120 KW
  • Heating Zones: 13 (precise temperature control for consistent film quality)
  • Gearbox: Helical (ensures smooth and reliable operation)
  • Gearbox Cooling: Water-cooled (maintains optimal operating temperature)
  • Winder Stations: Two station winder with Nip drive for efficient film winding
  • Heaters: Ceramic barrel blowers (efficient and reliable heating system)
  • Central Blower: 7.5 hp (provides sufficient airflow for film inflation)
  • Cooling Ring: Single lip (effective film cooling)
  • Basket: Basket for LD and Irish ring for HM (accommodates different types of plastic materials)

In Conclusion

The ABA Blown Film Plant offers a compelling combination of cost-effectiveness, versatility, and customization. With its wide range of features and optional attachments, this machine can be tailored to meet the specific needs of your business. Whether you’re looking to produce carry bags, liners, packing bags, or other film products, the ABA Blown Film Plant is a reliable and efficient solution.